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Category Archives: Uncategorized

The Weepies- Nobody Knows Me At All

I wrote this poem in the shower. I wrote this poem when I realized the top of the window in the shower had dropped and made an insect entrance. I wrote this poem days after meeting new wasps tapping at my kitchen window and wondering how they were getting in. I wrote this poem after […]

Greg Laswell- This Woman’s Work (Kate Bush cover)

A woman like me should look both ways before crossing a street, but sleep in the center of her bed. A woman like me should be grateful, having had two great loves while most women thought to have wished for only one. Instead she is tired of her details, of training those who will be […]

Sufjan Stevens- Fourth of July

On my ninth birthday, when everyone gave me dolls and tea sets and a music box that played Fur Elise while a tiny ballerina twirled by the tip of her slipper, my uncle gave me a microscope. It came with prepared slides of insect parts and algae, a little dropper, tweezers and blank glass slides. […]

Joni Mitchell- Blue

I. A brown painting took up an entire wall in my grandmother’s art gallery where I worked while I was in college. I’d gone up and down those stairs hundreds of times and never noticed it. I knew it was there with the rote awareness that lunch was at one o’clock and that my grandmother […]

Josh Ritter- Change of Time

Letter to Four Year Old Holly From Forty Year Old Holly:  You will never forget the smell of  lightning bugs in Hellman’s mayonnaise jars with holes poked in the tin tops so they could breathe, a stick and a few blades of grass arranged like garnish, for their comfort. But you will stop reaching for […]

Perfume Genius- Too Bright

Someone has figured out what happens when you build a room with mirrors on the ceiling, the walls, and the floor and nothing else in it. The room is pitch black. Someone else stuck a light in that same room and the mirror reflected the light forever, like a hallway Einstein might have dreamt. When […]

Bob Schneider- Changing Your Mind

    The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization recommends when collecting evidence of his existence: “one should photograph each footprint individually. Place something common next to it, like a soda bottle or a pack of cigarettes to indicate size and dimension. Do your best to preserve the integrity of the scene. Try to photograph the prints […]

Johnny Flynn & Laura Marling- The Water

  Sinking has its own treasures, as you might imagine, if you don’t already know, and I hope you don’t. A boat sunk shimmers only because anything would under the pursuit of algae. Inside that ship blue dishes and yellow chairs still invite guests to dinner and serve only vegetables: moss and promises. It lies […]

Graham Nash- Sleep Song

At night, I banter with the zebra who has lost its bones and uses my bedroom ceiling to maintain its stripes through the blinds. The glass of water I’ve arranged in case I get thirsty sits in front of the digital clock, and I never drink from it; it has been poisoned like holy water […]

James Blake- A Case of You (Joni Mitchell cover)

If I was looking for proof of us, our fingerprints would be on nothing. If they marked the skin of a tomato, we’d have cut it up and reduced it to juice for a sauce. If they were once on the window on the twelfth floor of that hotel room, housekeeping would have wiped them, […]