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Category Archives: Uncategorized

Bob Schneider- Changing Your Mind

    The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization recommends when collecting evidence of his existence: “one should photograph each footprint individually. Place something common next to it, like a soda bottle or a pack of cigarettes to indicate size and dimension. Do your best to preserve the integrity of the scene. Try to photograph the prints […]

Johnny Flynn & Laura Marling- The Water

  Sinking has its own treasures, as you might imagine, if you don’t already know, and I hope you don’t. A boat sunk shimmers only because anything would under the pursuit of algae. Inside that ship blue dishes and yellow chairs still invite guests to dinner and serve only vegetables: moss and promises. It lies […]

Tori Amos- Upside Down

A woman like me should look both ways before crossing a street, but sleep in the center of her bed. A woman like me should be grateful, having had two great loves while most women thought to have wished for only one. Instead she is tired of her details, that training required by those who […]

Graham Nash- Sleep Song

At night, I banter with the zebra who has lost its bones and uses my bedroom ceiling to maintain its stripes through the blinds. The glass of water I’ve arranged in case I get thirsty sits in front of the digital clock, and I never drink from it; it has been poisoned like holy water […]

Nina Simone- The Twelfth of Never

Bothering me most is the idea that someone else might become acquainted with the ritual of your feet just before you put on socks.  Second to that is anyone else having my impatience while you hold a washed dish over the sink until it completely stops dripping before you will dry it. That impatience is […]

James Blake- A Case of You (Joni Mitchell cover)

If I was looking for proof of us, our fingerprints would be on nothing. If they marked the skin of a tomato, we’d have cut it up and reduced it to juice for a sauce. If they were once on the window on the twelfth floor of that hotel room, housekeeping would have wiped them, […]

The Low Anthem- Oh My God Charlie Darwin

I dislike people as a general rule. People are things ahead of you in line, stealing the cab you hailed, shoving past you, inflicting their neuroses upon you like black magic. I think most people dislike other people. It’s why we misuse car horns, our elbows and wear sunglasses in the shade. It’s also why […]

John Prine- Hello in There

There is a woman who never had pets or children but she owns three brooms. Each broom serves a purpose. One solves the leaves in the fall and the pollen in the spring. One solves the grains of rice and the kitchen crumbs. And one keeps everything else out, things try to follow her in […]

Nick Drake- Things Behind the Sun

A man pushes a cart down the sidewalk lifting the back two wheels over the patch of broken cement where the rain and the wet leaves collect. That swamp is there no matter how long a drought has lasted, so he’s named it Swamp de Leon as it comes just before the intersection of Briarcliff […]

R.E.M.- Wendell Gee

The Near Nothing Man was not always near nothing. Once he buttoned clothes, sat on chairs, rested the numb skin of his elbows on tables, touched things like objects and subjects, some subjects in triangular places that turned them into objects, drank from a cup and filled it depending on his desire and not merely […]